About us:

At home and abroad well-known enterprises jointly sponsored by the professional Wealth investment management services – theory and the Real Wealth, focus on Wealth investment management, international partners, hand in hand to forge international exchanges and cooperation with third party customers value-added services platform, the target customer for the top 20% of the country’s Wealth, the core client’s net asset value is more than 1 billion yuan.


We have the potential to continuously tap into diversified markets; we have the ability to integrate resources in ways that our competitors cannot imitate; we continue to create additional value for our customers after integrating resources.

On business:

Unite international authoritative wealth management agencies, to provide professional business communication and cooperation services based on family wealth management & investment consulting.

In life:

Seek more partners to provide quality products and services. Continuously improve the quality of life of our customers and advocate healthy and happy ideas, beauty & fashion and arts & culture.