A.Platform service

1. Investment management of family wealth

a)Investment advice for family wealth / recommendations for cooperative agencies / investment strategy response / financial planning and risk control / regulatory services for the entire investment process.

b)Family wealth heritage counseling / setting of family trust structure / tax planning / insurance financial strategy application / setting of overseas structure / reasonable tax avoidance strategy application.

c) Family business management consulting / status analysis / strategies / strategic development plan.

d)Enterprise successors and executive training.

2. Value-added services for high net worth customers

a)Family investment advisory/ insurance &financial recommendations.

b)Advice on lifestyle that will enhance the quality of life / recommendations for quality products / sharing of platform resources.

c)Recommendations for theme exchanges and cooperation opportunities / resource docking.

3. Cooperation services of branded agencies

a) Assistance for institutional clients in developing markets / promotion of brand campaigns / customer relationship maintenance and development / product display and sales.

b) Raising and sale of financial products.

3) Investment and financing advisory services.

B. Direct investment

1. Equity investment in composite light food sector and cultural education and training sector.

2. Disposal and acquisition of financial and real estate assets.

3. Stock secondary market investment.